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Firstly, on choosing your modern rugs. This is easy as there is so much
variety to choose from. However my first tip is furnish the rest of the room
first. Choose your sofas and chairs, then the wall covering. My reasons for
this is that you will then be able to find the right modern rug so much more
quickly than finding the right sofa, or the right wallpaper. Paint I have
always found easy to colour co-ordinate and that has not been a problem.
Modern rugs are also relatively cheap compared to the other costs in re-

Secondly, I would always get more than one modern rug for a room, unless the
room is very small. These pull a colour scheme together, and you can choose
identical modern rugs which always gives a stylish effect. The lovely bright
designs of modern rugs really add to the look of a room. The only exception
to this is if your room is small, where two of these bright modern rugs can
be overpowering.

Another tip is looking at large modern rugs. In my dining room, I have a
huge rug set in the centre, underneath my dining table, with another smaller
rug by the fire in a matching colour. This large modern rug adds a touch of
luxury and is perfect for my dinner parties. In rooms in my house where I
might entertain gusts, I always try to put one large rug, usually in the
centre. This shows off my wooden flooring and can be a talking point in its
own right, as so many modern rugs have fantastic patterns which really catch
the eye.

My next tip is to take care of your modern rugs, and then they will last you
for a long time. Vacuum regularly, and vacuum on both sides to prevent dirt
and grit build up, which can cause damage to the pile of modern rugs. Also
dont rush your vacuuming. Move your cleaner slowly across the rug so that
all the dirt gets sucked up by the vacuum.

A final tip is to clean them regularly. I spring clean, and during this time
I wash my modern rugs. I use soap and water. In fact I use washing up liquid
and warm water. A word of warning, I always check that my modern rug is
colour safe. I use my soap and water on a small corner to make sure that my
colours will not run. If they do, I then use a proprietary cleaner meant for
rugs. My rugs will then last me for many happy years.
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Fantastic Hotels Complete With Conference Facilities, Excellent Hotel Conference Venues

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Fantastic Hotels Complete With Conference Facilities, Excellent Hotel Conference Venues

This article was published on 2011/02/04