Reducing Your Client's Risk Through Modern Probing

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Modern Selling professionals must understand how Client's choose. Modern Probing is about being able to separate the customer's needs from their wishes. Salesmasters International has developed a solid reputation in teaching sales professionals how to clearly identify what is important to help customers decide what they genuinely require.

Sophisticated questioning strategies result in a customer centric needs analysis. Salesmasters International Modern Selling development programs uncover what it feels like to be a buyer, reveal what is motivating customers to make a purchase and help you to expose what the buyer is in fact searching for. If you can find out what the prospect wants and excite them about it, they are more likely to consider what you are offering.

Modern Sales Professionals understand that customers can experience discomfort in the selling process. Your ability to be aware of negative emotions clients face will support you in reducing your customer's risk and set up the right dynamics to apply Modern Probing skills.

Top 4 Buyer Emotions

1. I'm taking a personal risk. I'm concerned that you are selling me what you have rather than what I need.
2. I'm feeling insecure. I don't know you well yet I have to make a decision about your product/service. I'm not sure that I can trust you.
3. I'm exposed. In buying your product/service I have to discuss my real needs not just my ideals or wishes.
4. I'm skeptical. I have been burned before by these kinds of products/services. How do I know that what you are promising is true?

Top 4 Modern Probing Questions to Combat

1. What do you have now?
2. What do you like most about what you have now?
3. What would you change, alter or improve about what you have now?
4. Who, in addition to yourself, will be involved in the financial decision?

Modern Sales Professionals develop customer centric needs analysis questions to combat negative buyer emotions and reveal what the customer truly wants. Salesmasters International's Modern Sales development programs set sales people apart from their competitors as they truly understand how to reduce their client's risk and meet what their customers' desire and want.

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Reducing Your Client's Risk Through Modern Probing

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This article was published on 2010/03/27