Wooden Curtain Poles - Modern Styling For a Classic Accessory

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Wooden curtain poles have been around for just as long as the drapery itself. As such, they have definitely held true throughout all of the style changes that occurred in the 20th century. It is safe to say that these old world accessories are definitely capable of adapting to new design standards giving them a seemingly permanent foothold in the marketplace.

The wooden curtain pole has gone through some immense design changes over the past decade as modern elements have become dominant in the styling industry. As such, these fantastic accessories can just as easily supplement a modern set of drapery as well as the more sleek metallic versions of the same product.

In terms of the different options available for wooden curtain poles; there are quite a few. In choosing a modern design, there are a few different elements to take note of before making your decision to ensure you are getting the right accessory for your specific theme desire. The most important of these elements includes the type of wood itself, the finish, and the overall design.


Popular choices for woods with most manufacturers include particle wood, oak, cherry, and Eco-friendly choices such as bamboo or eucalyptus. Each of these wood products can meld well into a modern theme. However, some are better choices over others in terms of what can be done with them. Generally there are two classes; woods that are easier to work with thus have more options in terms of design, then there are the woods that are difficult to work with due to their hardness; these are better for longevity and overall functionality. Most of the Eco-friendly designs incorporate a hybrid of these two elements that make them extremely desirable, however they are more expensive as a result.


The finish of the wood is one of the most dominant factors in helping to determine the styling. Most modern finishes include darker and sleek looking finishes that exhibit a neutral output perfect for melding into pre-existing themes; whereas more country style or rustic designs exhibit lighter more thinly based finishes.


The design of the curtain itself is obviously the most important in determining the styling of the product. Most modern wooden curtain poles exhibit simple designs with angular and straight line based designs that give them a sleek and modernized appeal.

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Wooden curtain poles have been a reliable aspect of drapery for as long as drapery has been around. As design trends change, so do the styles and designs of wooden curtain rods; additionally, accents and hardware such as curtain hold backs add even more customization potential to these classic curtain accessories.

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Wooden Curtain Poles - Modern Styling For a Classic Accessory

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This article was published on 2011/01/04